What is Evergreen Politics?

The idea: there are a lot of smart, progressive folks out there with original, unconventional wisdom and insight into Washington state politics. Evergreen Politics is a place for Washington progressives to kick back and swap news, opinion and maybe a bit of gossip. An online community and an ongoing, freewheeling conversation.

The beat: All of the important stuff happening in Washington State. We'll talk about Politics, but try to avoid being (too) overtly partisan. We'll try to steer clear of national issues, except when there's a strong local angle. We'll try to focus on covering the stories behind the stories and the angles that mainstream media simply aren't willing or able to discuss.

The style: We'll be smart; we'll try to be clever; sometimes we'll succeed. We'll push a few buttons and ruffle a few feathers. We'll be unscripted and unrehearsed. We'll steal good ideas with abandon, and probably some bad ones as well. We'll try not to bore you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean, "progressive?"

Look, we're not that into labels. But, like most Americans, we share a commitment to creating a strong, prosperous, sustainable society that plays fair, takes care of all its members, and promotes responsibility and accountability. We're all in this together, and we better start acting like it.

What are the ground rules here?

Be nice. Be polite. Don't make a mess. Seriously, we know that most of our readers are well behaved and more than capable of engaging in civil discourse about civic affairs. But we know there are trolls and freepers and just plain nasty people out there. You're welcome to read and gnash your teeth at us, but we're not going to tolerate disruptive, abusive or off-topic comments. We'll summarily delete stuff that we deem inappropriate. What's inappropriate? We'll know it when we see it. Evergreen Politics will be a wide-ranging conversation, but that doesn't mean that it's a free-for-all. 'nuff said.

Who's behind Evergreen Politics?

Evergreen Politics is, in the words of Neil Young, "sponsored by nobody." We're a group of folks with an interest in progressive politics and policy. (You can read more about our authors here.) The original idea for Evergreen Politics was hatched over beers at the Hilltop Alehouse by Jon Stahl and Carol Hudson. Cheers, jeers, questions and comments about Evergreen Politics should be directed to jonstahl@gmail.com

How Do I Advertise on Evergreen Politics?

You don't. ;-) At the present time, we're not taking ads. If you have interesting news for us to cover, or a hot tip, please feel free to email it to jonstahl@gmail.com. Please don't send us your press releases -- go start a blog for your organization, write your own stories and make everyone afraid you're going to scoop them. Failing that, send us a personal note that explains why your story is relevant to us.